Albi - Mediterranean Fusion Cusine
Coming Next Month to River Oaks

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Creating an Experience

Albi, meaning My Heart, is one of the most common expressions of love in the Arabic language. We are taking the love and compassion of this word into our new development, Albi Houston.

We are creating an exciting new dining experience, debuting this fall to River Oaks on West Gray. We’re thrilled to show you our concept and our vision that comes directly from the hearts of everyone involved.


The pointed arches, commonly used in Middle Eastern architecture, are used to bridge the gap between cultures. The red, black and yellow color scheme provide an edgy, yet elegant aesthetic to the restaurants ambience. The use of reflective surfaces gives the space the illusion of infinite spatial openess. The mix of velvet, conrete, marble and wood allows the space to blend the old with the new in an eccentric play of classic architecture.


Join us for our hiring event

Tues October 18th through Thurs October 20th.

Hours: 11AM – 3PM

Location: Mary’z on Washington Avenue.

4500 Washington Ave, Suite #200